«The Several Ways I‘ve Died In My Imagination»

What began as a quiet investigation of personal anxieties has evolved into the multi-medial storytelling experience: “The Several Ways I’ve Died In My Imagination”. The texts and musical soundscapes of Sarah Reid and Tomek Kolcynski are combined with the visual works of Brigitte Fässler and Niculin Barandun to create a performance that expounds on the question: “Of what parts is my imagination composed, and how can these parts die?”

Following the narration of our protagonist through a series of stories that are each representative of one of these parts – ranging from religion and race, to memory and the ability to create – we observe the storyteller die repeatedly. By identifying the elements of her life that inform her imagination, and acknowledging the ways that they are vulnerable and have been harmed, we explore what might merit the fear that the imagination as a whole can die.