«Proteios» represents an artistic vision of protein synthesis and interaction in cells. The creation and interaction of proteins, which constantly happens in every living cell, occupies the central role in life’s underlying structure.

These processes and interactions are rebuilt in silica.  The algorithm reads raw DNA data of eukaryotic organisms, looking for genes to transcribe, to splice and to translate into proteins. Subsequently, the interaction of the proteins can be investigated.

While the DNA data and the genes contained dictate the structure of the audiovisual composition, the artist can focus on parts of the composition, affect the speed of these processes and activate or deactivate genes.

Audiovisual concert

Projection (350cm x 110cm) | strobe lights | 2.1ch sound
Duration: 30“

Audiovisual installation

Projection | strobe lights  | 2.1ch sound
Dimensions variable (on commission only)
Duration: 12“

Supported by Fachausschuss Audiovision/Multimedia Basel and Mirgros Kulturprozent

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