Luis Sanz is an installation artist and musician born in southern Peru, currently living in Switzerland. Sanz’s installation works combine computer generated graphics, sounds, paintings among others materials. In his sound works he uses feedback systems, field recordings and musical instruments.
Sanz’s work processes are characterized by free improvisation, induction to errors and randomness.
In recent years, his works are shown at international festivals including International Film Festival Rotterdam [NL], CTM [DE], Berlin Atonal [DE], Mira [ES] Moscow International Festival [RU], Centras [LT] and Mapping [CH].

Exhibitions | Installations
2016 : Stm~ Intemporal, Berlin Atonal, Kraftwerk Berlin Germany
2016 : Autonomous Lethality, solo exhibition, Parzelle403 – Raum für Kultur, Basel Switzerland
2015 : Stm~ Duality, Design Festival, Videokunst Progr Bern Switzerland
2014 : Ilumina, Künstlerhaus – KunstKulturQuartier Nürnberg Germany
2013 : Ilumina, Fabra i Coats – Art Factory, Barcelona, Spain
2013 : Ilumina, DAF – Musique et Performance, Geneva Switzerland

Concerts | AV Performances
2016 : Panspectron, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel Switzerland
2016 : MusicMakers Hacklab, CTM Festival, Berlin Germany
2016 : Autonomous Lethality, Node Festival, Lausanne Switzerland
2016 : Stm~ Duality, International Film Festival Rotterdam Netherlands
2015 : Stm~ Duality, Taktung Festival, GS15 Zurich Switzerland
2015 : Panspectron, DAF Festival, Geneva Switzerland
2015 : Generative Soundscape, LaMetta Musica, Zurich Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Kassel Germany
2014 : Generative Soundscapes, Ludicious, Zurich Game Festival, Alte Kaserne, Zurich Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Circles of Light, Moscow International Festival, Moscow Russia
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Lab1, Eindhoven Holland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Institut Hyperwerk, Basel Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Mapping Festival, Geneva Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Kornhaus, Zurich Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Gallery Parzelle 403 Basel Switzerland
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona Spain
2014 : Stm~ Duality, Künstlerhaus Nürnberg Germany

2013 : 2nd July, Independent Film Exhibition CINEGAMIA, Music Institute “Teodora Lucaciu”, Ecuador

2015: Algorithmic Visual Composition Generate! Festival, Tübingen Germany
2015 : Algorithmic Audiovisual Composition, Taktung Festival, Zurich Switzerland
2014 : Generative Visual Tools for Musicians and Visualists, Blok, M4Music Festival, Zurich Switzerland
2013 : Custom Software Interfaces for Real Time Visuals, Kiff, Aarau Switzerland
2013 : Visual Lab, Starkart Gallery, Zurich Switzerland
2013 : From 2D to 3D, Centras Festival, Kaunas Lithuania
2012 : Visual Lab, M4Music, Blok, Zurich Switzerland

Lectures | Panels
2016: STM~ Duality, Media Alps, Bettenburg Switzerland
2014 : Artist Talk, Art School in the University of Kassel, Germany
2014 : Creative Code Meeting, Telenoika Headquarters, Barcelona Spain
2013 : The No-Limits of Creative Programming, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona Spain

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